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Removing Wrinkles from Vinyl Numbers and Names.

1. Place your wrinkled garment in the dryer inside out with two or three damp towels. Turn the setting to low heat and dry for two minutes. Check the vinyl on the garment, allow it to cool and repeat if wrinkles remain.
2.Use a steam iron to remove wrinkles if the dryer method is not successful. Place a pressing cloth or towel over the wrinkled area, turn on the iron’s steam function, then iron over the cloth, keeping the iron moving in a circular motion.


  • Wash in cold water.
  • Do not use abrasive detergents.
  • Do not use bleach of any kind, or detergents that have bleach in them
  • Do not use Fabric softener or sheets.
  • Hang dry for best preservation of imprint
  • If needed Dry on low settings.
  • Excess ink on the insides of garments will launder out.
  • Not following these instruction can cause garments to fade and/or number and names to peel.

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